Turf & Synthetic Grass Installation Canberra

Turf Laying & Synthetic Grass Installation Canberra, Yass and Murrumbateman

A well-kept lawn is a pinnacle feature of your home and is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also a central point where your family can meet and bond. Think family BBQs, children playing, and long summer afternoons. Here at Ace Home & Garden Maintenance, we can assist you with turf laying and synthetic grass installation to have your lawn looking the best on the block. We service Canberra, Yass, and Murrumbateman.

Preparing for laying your new lawn

When it comes time to lay your new lawn, the key factor in ensuring long-term care is adequate drainage. Soil needs to hold enough moisture to support growth without excess moisture which can encourage root disease. We lay turf on a layer of underlay with some organic matter to ensure there is enough water retained to promote growth. Or, you can consider a synthetic option to ensure moisture isn’t an issue.

Laying the turf

Laying turf yourself can be tricky, which is why we do the dirty work for you. We make sure turf rolls are laid right to the edge, and laid across the slope to avoid erosion. We use the most professional tools, and our team has years of experience, so we can ensure your turf won’t quickly dry out, or die. Our synthetic turf also looks great, and gives a realistic green feel to your area, without the need for ongoing maintenance.

Taking care of your lawn

If you choose real grass, aftercare is extremely important for your new lawn. Ace Home & Garden Maintenance can continue to assist you with a complete garden maintenance package. Remember not to mow your lawn for two to three weeks after it’s laid.

Handy tips for your new lawn

– Choose water efficient varieties of lawn such as the popular buffalo varieties.
– Deep watering less often rather than frequent shallow watering is recommended for water efficiency and retention.
– Try to water your lawn early in the day to avoid the sun drying out your lawn quickly.
– Try not to mow your grass too law as this will expose the soil, increasing evaporation and putting stress on your fresh lawn.
– Be extra kind to your lawn in the extreme summer months.
– If choosing a synthetic lawn remember to regularly clean and maintain it for a long life.

If you are ever in doubt or are having any problems with your lawn in Canberra, Yass or Murrumbateman, Ace Home & Garden Maintenance is only a phone call away.

We are experts in both real and synthetic grasses, so give our friendly team a call today to find out which option is best for you! We also offer a range of other services including hedge trimming and pruning Canberra-wide, including Yass and Murrumbateman. Contact us to discuss all your garden and maintenance needs.

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