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Hedge Trimming & Pruning Canberra

Hedges are a great feature in any garden. They can be purely decorative as well as highly functional. Hedges can act as a fence, a privacy screen or protection from the elements. Hedge trimming and pruning are essential to ensure your green wall of plants looks great and serves its purpose all year round.

Key facts about hedge trimming

– It makes hedges look neat
– Hedges can be trimmed to give them an architectural shape – perhaps to complement the style of your house or other garden features
– Hedge trimming needs to be done regularly to keep your hedges looking sharp and to promote new growth
– Regular hedge trimming will deter the development and spread of any diseases
– Regular hedge trimming is necessary to control the height and density of a hedge
– Hedges that are trimmed correctly on a regular basis will grow thicker in the middle, providing better privacy
– Special equipment is needed including power tools, manual tools, step ladders and measuring equipment
– Hedge trimming can be heavy, noisy work

Key facts about hedge pruning

– Pruning is usually done by hand
– Gardeners use pruning to make specific cuts to plants, usually to remove damaged or unhealthy branches but also to encourage healthy growth
– Pruning ensures hedges grow into a nice shape in the long-term
– Pruning requires knowledge, experience and patience
– Probably the trickiest part of pruning is knowing the correct time of year to do it, especially if you’re dealing with flowering shrubs

Expert hedge trimming & pruning Canberra-wide

At Ace Home & Garden Maintenance, we have years of experience in hedge trimming and pruning. We have all the necessary equipment and garden knowledge to trim your hedges professionally and quickly. We also know the best time to prune and the best way to do it.

Whether your hedge is a small, compact box hedge or a large, flowering shrub, we know how to get it looking great. No size hedge – or garden – is too big or too small for us.

We also remove all garden waste produced from hedge trimming and pruning, saving you the hassle of cleaning up.

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At Ace Home & Garden Maintenance, we provide top quality hedge trimming and pruning services Canberra wide, including Yass and Murrumbateman.

We can provide a customised garden care package for all ongoing maintenance work in your garden. Call us today for a quote and get your hedges looking sharp!

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