Green Waste Rubbish Removal Canberra Murrumbateman Yass

Having a garden or a yard is one of life’s pleasures. However, in all seasons, gardens and yards require some kind of maintenance. Otherwise, they become overgrown, full of weeds or the plants die off. An important part of garden maintenance is the removal of green waste. If you’re a Canberra resident, we’ve got you covered when it comes to getting rid of garden waste.

What green waste do we remove?

At Ace Home & Garden Maintenance, we remove ALL types of green waste and we dispose of it in an eco-friendly way. Here’s a checklist of the organic matter that we will collect directly from your home:

• Lawn and grass clippings
• Soil
• Weeds, leaves
• Trimmings and prunings from hedges, bushes, etc.
• Tree stumps and logs
• Branches, tree limbs
• Grass, lawn, turf
• Green garden waste

Do we remove other types of household waste?

Yes! We also remove non-green household waste. As with green waste, we will collect the household waste directly from you. We can remove almost any kind of item, including:

• Furniture
• Machinery and equipment
• Fridges and other white goods
• Packaging material
• Documents and papers
• Construction waste
• And a whole lot more!

Please note that we dispose of all waste in a responsible manner. If something can be recycled, it will be.

Getting rid of garden waste is important but difficult

After a good clean up, you may be left with massive piles of garden and yard waste. You can’t just leave the rotting waste there: it’s inconvenient, smelly and an eyesore. It’s also a fire hazard and a potential breeding ground for insects and rodents.

Most people don’t have the right kind of equipment or vehicle to get rid of the waste themselves. And garden waste can be heavy, bulky, prickly and unwieldy. That’s why it’s best to leave garden waste removal to experts, like us.

Expert Yard Waste Removal Canberra, Murrumbateman, Yass

Why should you trust Ace Home & Garden Maintenance for green waste rubbish removal Canberra, Murrumbateman, Yass wide? Here are some good reasons:

• No job is too big or too small for us.
• There are very few things in your garden that we can’t remove.
• We’ve been in business for many years and we know everything about garden and yard waste removal Canberra, Murrumbateman, Yass wide.
• We offer a friendly, reliable and efficient service.
• We work around your schedule.
• Our prices are always reasonable.

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