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Garden Bed Mulching, Rock & Pebble Features Canberra

At Ace Home & Garden Maintenance, we pride ourselves on delivering the range of services and materials you need to make our garden look great. We can work with your particular plan or design in mind to create a personalised outdoor space that works for you.

As well as complete garden maintenance packages, we offer a range of popular products including mulch, rock and pebble features.

Why choose garden bed mulching from Ace Home & Garden Maintenance?

Mulch is an attractive, low maintenance solution to revitalising your garden beds. In an open patch of soil, controlling weeds, moisture, and the growth of your flowers is an endless and almost impossible task. Mulch does all the work for you, providing the optimum environment for your plants to flourish.

We supply and deliver high-quality, versatile mulch to your home or premises. We bear in mind the needs of your garden and its specific environmental qualities to make sure you get the mulch that’s right for you.

Benefits of mulch

• A wide range of different colours and styles available
• Conserves the moisture of the soil, improving the health of your plants
• Significantly reduces risk of weed growth
• Promotes healthy, fertile soil
• Makes your garden bed look neat and attractive

Types of mulch

Mulch can be made from almost any material. It usually comes from natural origins, although there are synthetic and plastic versions available.

The materials most commonly used to make mulch include:

• Woodchip
• Shredded tree bark or leaves
• Grass clippings
• Sawdust
• Straw
• Pine needles

Garden bed rock and pebble features

These natural clippings and chips aren’t the only great options for mulch materials: small rocks and pebbles also work fantastically. As bark, straw and the other above products tend to degrade and decompose over time, they will need replenishing every couple of years. That’s what makes rocks and pebbles such an easy choice: install them once and you’ll never have to worry about them or replace them again!

Uses of rock and pebble features Canberra residents will love

Rocks and pebbles don’t just work well as mulch. Here are some of the other popular uses of rocks and pebbles as decorative garden features:

Cover the ground

If a particular patch or path in your garden is looking unkempt, eroded or just a little lifeless, a 50mm layer of pebble or rock placed on top of weed control matting is the perfect way to turn it into an eye-catching feature.

Place in pots

The soil surrounding potted plants dries out quickly in the sun and can look a little dull. Add some pebbles and rocks to protect the soil and highlight the beauty of the plant!

If you’re looking for mulching or rock and pebble features in Canberra, Yass, Murrumbateman and the surrounds, get in touch with Ace Home & Garden maintenance and let us help you transform your garden.

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